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Painter Junko Abe (a native of Innoshima)

Painter Junko Abe was born in Innosima, Hiroshima prefecture and live in Iwagijima, Ehime prefecture now (click here!).

She has got a menter, Yuji Okazaki who was a native of Innoshima and a famous painter in Hiroshima, since she was childhood. After she worked as a children's clothing designer for years, she became a painter in the art world at age 40.
Then, she showed her works at many exhibitions in Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Innnoshima, Onomichi, Mihara, Fukuyama, Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo and so on. She had a private exhibition of her art works with Mr. Seizo Okunaka, who is a painter and her senior from Innosima High School, at Montmartre, Paris on 2010. She got a high reputation in the field.

She painted many mural. For example, she painted a mural named “A butterfly emerges from a flower” at former Innhosima Seaside Hotel in Innoshima-Habu on 1991 and a mural mamed “Pink snail” at former Zaima Jewelry Store in Innoshima-Nakanosho on 1992. Those murals entertained passersby. The most impressive works on her life are 3 murals 30 meter wide, which were painted with art club students of Iwagi junior high school.

She has conducted classes in 5 islands in Simanami region and been involved in education of residents. Those students won prizes at exhibitions.

She made friends with artists from all over the world when she had the private exhibition at Montmartre. They asked her help to show their art works in Japan. She is struggling to turn their dreams into reality. She hopes Innoshima and Innhosima City Hall become a cultural center of the world.

Name:Junko Abe
Residence:1495 Iwagi, Kamijima-chou, Ochi-gun, Ehime Prefecture
URL: http://park19.wakwak.com/~seikodo/bijutukan/junkobun.htm


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